Script-Free Menuing System

GRC's Script-Free Pure-CSS Menuing System

From, Steve Gibson writes:

Our website has been steadily growing, and our lack of site-wide navigation has become an increasing problem. So before adding several significant new blocks of content to GRC I decided to stop and develop a site-wide menuing system. The "masthead menu" you see above is the result of nearly two months of research, development, and extensive testing by participants in GRC's active newsgroup community. It was inspired by the efforts of previous web designers (see acknowledgements section) but it surpasses anything we found on the web in its robustness of operation.

You need to download the grcmenu.css file as well as this page and this graphic. I have removed the requirement for graphics for each menu heading, so all it uses is text and a transparent spacing graphic. I have simplified some other information as well. The SpirRite menu items and links are still from the web site.

Note that the graphic on the right is in a two-column table, with the menus being the first column and the graphic the second column. I have not figured out how to superimpose the graphic over the menus, so there is a gap where the menu ends and the graphic begins.

There is another change from the classic GRC menus, but only on the first menu of this page. It is a JavaScript onclick event which is supposed to make the mouse cursor change into an hourglass, providing feedback that the user has selected something. Results are mixed, depending on the browser. In any case, it is a cosmetic improvement.

Another cosmetic change is the use of the "title" tag (in the a href link) to provide further information to the browser. This is shown in the first menu, not the second.