Northwind Traders Sample

New Visitor Introduction

Log in as "WebVisitor" with the "WebVisitor" password. This will give you rights to browse and view the data, but not make changes. All the data is visible. If you do not login then only the "browse" data is visible, basically for search engines.

Busy Bee
Feel free to explore the site. It is still under development. Still to be added:

Web site development is ongoing, and feel free to contact the developer, or leave a comment if you find anything broken.

The login system is stored in a separate database from the data, so the data backup and restore can be done separately. Also, there are no generated data pages for the login system, so this information cannot be accessed through the site. It is maintained directly via the SQL database.

Technology Showcase

This site demonstrates the use of various database technologies that have been combined to allow for the display and manipulation of typical database data. You can read more about this site and what technologies were used to create it. Choose "About this site" from the menu.

The data comes from the Microsoft Access 97 "NorthWind Traders" sample database, which is often used to demonstrate database technologies. It was originally used to demonstrate how to create an Access 97 database application. Twelve years later it is possible to do much the same using a web browser and some nifty ASP.NET controls, in particular the ASPxGridView and Editors™ Suite from DevExpress, which is a marvel of simplicty, speed and power.

Northwind Traders Miami version

There is also a fully-functional Access version of this database available, generated using the Mustang/Miami technologies described here. It looks nothing like the original Access sample (Main Menu shown below), and works much better.

NorthWind Traders Access 97 version

You can find out more about the site, how it is set up, and how it works, by consulting the menus at the top of the page.

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